How much are the class fees?

Each class is £6 per child (siblings £5) which is payable termly in advance (each term is between 5 and 8 weeks long). There is a one off registration fee of £20 per child which includes the membership pack of a Leaping Learners t-shirt, Leaping Learners book bag, name badge and sticker reward card.

Will I receive a refund if after starting I don’t think the classes are for us?

I am really sure you and your child will enjoy the classes. I suggest you try three sessions, as sometimes children can take time to settle into a new environment. If you then feel Leaping Learners is not for you an £18 refund will be made (if the t-shirt and book bag are returned unused) and the terms fees (less the three classes attended) will be refunded. I recommend your child not wearing the  t-shirt or using the book bag until you are sure Leaping Learners is for you.

Can we attend more than one class per week?

Yes, certainly. I offer three different classes Phonic Frogs, Mathematical Frogs and Story and Rhyme Time Frogs.

Are we required to start at the beginning of a term or can we attend part way through?

If there is a space you are welcome to attend at any point. You will be required to book your place in advance and will be charged for the remaining classes of the term.

How old does my child need to be, to start?

3 years old. The classes are aimed for 3 to 5 year olds.

Can my child minder or a grandparent attend the classes with my child?

Yes, certainly. All carers are most welcome to come along and join in the fun! They will have full responsibility for your child during the class.

I am a working parent can my child attend the classes alone?

Each child requires an adult to attend the class with them and to remain responsible throughout the session. Grandparents, child minders etc. are most welcome to come along.

How long are the sessions?

Each class is 45 minutes with a balance of active games and quieter activities.

Where are the classes held?

The classes are held in a variety of venues in Somerset and North Somerset, please enquire to find your nearest one.

Are younger siblings able to attend?

You are most welcome to bring younger brothers and sisters to the classes. Parents remain responsible for their own child/children at all times.

If my child or I are unwell or are on holiday will we receive a refund?

Unfortunately I am unable to give a refund due to illness or holidays. It is recommended that you do not attend a class until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or Diarrhoea to limit the spread of infection to others.